Audio Bible

Hey guys.

Bible app for you to explore the Bible with your friends. Share the scriptures with the community of people you know and trust. Join with him to learn what he has discovered.

I’ve watched hundreds of tutorials online. But nothig beats this simple. clear to the Bible app

and I challenge you download Bible app now.

Read the Bible

* Set up a Bible app screen with over 40 language options.

* Choose over a hundred scriptures in a variety of languages.

* Select familiar scriptures, such as the 1971 edition of TH 1971, Bible: Easy to understand. New Promise, Standard Edition, Thai Version of the Bible, New Testament, New International Version NIV, King James Version KJV, New King James Version, The Message, English Standard Version ESV, New Living Translation NLT, NASB, and others

* Offline Bible: For reading without internet connection (Can be used in some editions)

* Audio Bible is available in some editions and cannot be downloaded.

Share the Bible with friends

* Let the Bible be the center of your friend’s relationship through the Bible plan.

* See movements that will show that you or your friend are writing notes. Separate scriptures And emphasizing scripture

* Comment to share ideas, ask questions and get meaningful words in the app when you study the scriptures together.

Can download according to this step

1. Click here ⇒

2. Can down at ⇒

I am a big fan of chef and he makes it ridiculously easy no joke

Hope it helps



I have to invite users from USA, UK, Canada, or Australia In order to considering your challenge.

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